Animal Sessions

Do You Have Concerns About Your Animal Companion?

• Are you wondering if they are feeling well emotionally and/or physically?

• Are you experiencing behavioral issues with them?

• Would you like more guidance to help you play a more active role in their health and well-being?

I am an animal lover, and enjoy meeting and working with your animal companions.

If you, or those you know, would like assistance in making good decisions for these loving companions, no matter their life stage, consider an informative, intuitive assessment appointment for your pet with me.

As an Animal Communicator and Intuitive Holistic Healer, I am able to access your pet’s own innate wisdom to determine any physical and/or emotional needs, help alleviate causes for any issues your animal may be exhibiting, and recommend products, foods, other healing modalities, and remedies that would support their best health, thus saving you time and money in your quest to offer your pet the best care in all stages.

You may call upon my services for your cats, dogs and horses either by phone (I work with people and their animals all over the country) or in person for the Nashville area.

The information below is helpful in understanding one of the many ways I may be working with you and your pet ....

Helpful Information


Emotional Stress & Illness

Some pets seem to be more naturally “high-strung,” which may be a breed specific quality or may result from their life history – a common story with rescued companions. Stress comes in many forms, including major life changes, stressful situations, and daily stress in our home and relationships.

Major life events like the addition of new pets or human family members, death of loved ones, house renovations, or moving can trigger stress in many pets, and the impact can be felt for many months after the change occurs. Cats can be particularly sensitive to these changes. Dogs are often particularly sensitive to events that cause shifts in relationships.

Many pets experience repeating, occasional situational stressors, like going to the vet’s office, car travel, thunderstorms, boarding, family vacations, or visitors in the home.

Reducing Your Daily Stress for Your Pet

One of the most profound sources of stress for your pet is perhaps the easiest to overlook – the stress that our pets absorb from us on a daily basis. One of the greatest gifts our pets give us is the comfort they provide to us every day. People with pets are generally healthier and live longer, because our pets not only provide companionship, but they literally absorb our stress.

Our pets are quite emotionally sensitive and are highly attuned to our moods. Animal communicators will tell you that part of our companions’ “spiritual mission” is to help us cope with our emotions. It’s important to recognize that our own stress level is very obvious to our pets and can impact their wellness greatly. Many pet owners report that their pets share their emotional stress, and often share the same physical symptoms that stress creates for their own health. With that in mind, making a commitment to reducing your daily stress level is one of the best things you can do for your pet’s health.

My Background

I come to my innate sense of animals from growing up in the countryside near Franklin, TN – the product of an exceptional equestrian for a mom, and a lover of farm life for a dad.

Sensitive to the needs of the animals around me, it wasn’t until I began to explore alternative treatments for one of my dogs that I glimpsed a way to channel my intuitive sense and natural affinity for healing toward a larger purpose.

Doors opened for me to explore advanced intuition development and energy healing, a broad-based therapy known for it’s unique ability to seek and clear root causes of emotional, behavioral and physical issues.

Since 2003, when I opened my practice, these skills have proven extremely beneficial to animals as well as to their human companions.


I have a rescue Mini Yorkie, Dixie, who was becoming increasingly despondent. Among her symptoms were high fevers and urinating in bed at night – even though she was taken outside every night before bed. Test after test with our vet was not bringing us any definitive information, and her “light” was beginning to go out. It was at this point that we called Sally.

As she worked with Dixie, we watched a usually hyper dog begin to relax and then doze off while sitting up in my hand. If that wasn’t amazing enough, over the next several days we saw an improvement in her mood and her symptoms began to abate.

As you can imagine, we were very grateful for Sally’s work with Dixie. It seemed that she was declining right before our eyes, and now her little (big!) spirit is back in full force.

Sally has a real connection with animals. When she worked on my cat, I saw immediate improvement in my cat’s behavior. I have since referred Sally to other people with pet issues. She has gotten to the root of the problems that were causing my pets to be unhappy or unhealthy.
Several months ago we had to say goodbye to our 14 year old German Shepherd. With this sudden loss in our family, our four cats began picking on and fighting with each other. Our only female cat received most of the aggression and began to separate herself from the abuse by staying in another part of the house. We tried ‘time out’ techniques and, of course, the dreaded squirt gun, but nothing seemed to help. The situation was getting more and more stressful for the cats and heart breaking for us.

We’ve known Sally for more than 15 years. She had shared with us the energy healing work she was practicing and asked if we would like to try it on our ‘kitty situation.’

After the first balance with all of our cats, she tested our environment and cat food products. Then she returned for follow up work two additional times.

After each session, tensions between the cats got better and better. Our female kitty started coming back into the rest of the house with more and more bravery. She stopped being picky about her food and started ‘pigging out’ on the food Sally recommended. She rarely vomits her food anymore (something she has done habitually for years), and has gained much needed weight. The best part is we are a family again!
I adopted Fannin, a Spaniel mix, several years ago from a rescue group. She was very timid around people, even to the point of batting her eyes when someone came close as if she were waiting for something bad to happen.

After awhile she and I were able to settle into a comfortable routine. She had found trust with a human being and was slowly coming out of her shell. When I moved into a new place, however, she began to exhibit behaviors that I didn’t know how to deal with. She was resistant to using the doggy door; she was resistant to going outside at night before bedtime and then again in the morning. I began to find ‘presents’ in the upstairs guestrooms. Before long, I was putting up gates all over the house to isolate where she could and could not go.

After one session with Sally, Fannin willingly went outside the next morning, and there were no traces of ‘presents’ from the night before. At first I thought it was a fluke, but Fannin continued to go outside for days thereafter without resistance.

We had several additional sessions with Sally and friends began to see a big difference in how Fannin was around them. She was happy to see them instead of being shy and reserved. It was almost like whatever was blocking her emotional growth was being removed and she was blossoming into an adult dog.

Now, several months later, Fannin is still doing great. She hasn’t had one accident in the house, and I’ve reopened all the gated areas. It’s pretty miraculous.

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