About Sally

Raised on a horse farm near Nashville, Tennessee, I came to my healing abilities instinctively through a deep connection to nature and a love for animals. But before fully engaging in what were my innate talents, I first chose to travel the roads of the music and film industries, working behind the scenes. After 25 years, I felt a calling to reconnect with, explore and develop dormant gifts. Today, as an Intuitive Holistic Healer, I deeply enjoy working with people who are on a quest to find optimum ways to be in balance with their health, work, relationships, pets, environments, and lives.

Always interested in metaphysical topics and the healing arts, I found my first steps into this new line of work through studies in environmental balance. Feng Shui initially attracted my attention, where the physical addition or subtraction of items in spaces create balance and flow.  With this foundation, a friend suggested Vortex Alignment, a pioneering energy transformation modality that truly took the degree of changes that could happen in an environment to new levels. Peace, restfulness, vitality and productiveness all became buzz words for the affects clients were experiencing in their home and workspaces.

In the few shorts years since beginning this journey, I have continued to study and expand through many models of energy healing/energy balancing therapies, among them Reiki, Body Alignment – now called Life Alignment, and Transference Healing. I have broadened my practice to include people and pets with equal success and dramatic results, and helped to create the integrative health group, The Lotus Center in Nashville, TN, where I practiced for five years.

I truly love what I do and look forward to helping you in ways beyond your imagination.