I am happy to announce the availability of my first product offering … a 30-minute Energy Clearing Recording.  Within this recording are several energy clearing techniques that have the ability to restore your energy, your clarity, and your peacefulness.

I test ran this offering with 20 of my clients.  It was presented as a “Live” call on an appointed night, and recorded for a 3-day optional listening availability for those who couldn’t be with us.

I was so blown away by my clients’ responses, that I decided to offer this call for purchase, and hope to create more types of these calls in the future.

Below are some of their responses:

“… Thank you so much for the energy work last night.  It was great. I was really able to see the energetic debris falling away and could feel my chakras opening - my crown chakra was huge and lots of white light was coming in.  I loved the protection of Archangel Michael and the shields of mirrors deflecting negative energy back from where it came.  I felt nice and relaxed during and afterward.  It was really funny to dial in to that call and instantly smell your office and feel the comfort that it brings.  Thanks again and many blessings! …”
“… It was so good to be on the call with you! I’ve missed you and your beautiful energy!  What a gift that session was! There was such a nice vibe with all the people on the call. I actually was not in my office but at our house in the Smokies. I had been washing windows and cleaning house all day and was feeling physically exhausted. At the beginning of the call I was curious how the session would effect me. I experienced a sense of deep clearing and felt refreshed by the end of the call. I slept well! I’m so glad you’re offering your healing gifts in this new way! …”
“… It’s been over a week since I listened to the recording and this is what has happened. But first I want to tell you that I am an energy sponge, I absorb every one’s energy. I guess I am Clairsentience, I don’t know.  Before the call I was going through a bit of depression that had lasted for 3 weeks.  I felt an angst and emptiness that I couldn’t shake off. I guess it was other peoples’ energy overload. Your call and recording came at the right time.  Since the recording I feel lighter, balanced and happier. My daughter is able to tell a big difference in me, which is awesome.  So Sally, you’re the bomb. Blessings to you and your work and thank you …”
“It took me a while to have the time to actually listen to it and once I did – wow, I loved it.  I immediately felt the effects of just settling in to allow a clearing, let alone the power of your words – bathed in white light – I felt immediately lighter, like weights were being hoisted off of me.  I have listened to it twice, and have fallen asleep both times (the first time just a few minutes into it, the second more toward the end of the middle). Both times I have had the deepest sleep I’ve had in weeks. I listened again just last night and was asleep before the mirrors were put up and I slept deeply for hours. I would definitely recommend it, and I like having it available for re-listening. Thanks again and let me know if you are going to do more …”

With the ease and convenience of a call like this, you can dial in from anywhere in the country to catch the call “live” at the appointed time, have the added benefit of revisiting the call via a recording whenever your schedule allows in the following three days, or own your own MP3 version of the recording to add to your library for unlimited listening.

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In the meantime, if you are interested in owning an MP3 version of this first 30 minute Energy Clearing Recording, please use the “Add To Cart” tab below, and I will be happy to send it along.


Energy Clearing (February 2013)