When the atom was split, physicists discovered the elements of energy; protons, neurons, and electrons all vibrating in — and out of — alignment. Their vibration, and there-by the synchronous vibration of all things around us, creates the pathways of life, the grounding for all our relationships, and the foundation for our existence together in this shared space.

The intention of my work is to listen, educate, re-align and support you on your path by working with your energy, and teaching you greater awareness of the power of this therapy.

By listening, I uncover how, why, and where you are out of balance with your life. By educating, you become aware of how your life experiences, your feelings, habits of thinking, and environments contribute to your health and happiness, or lack thereof. By re-aligning, you experience a change, a transformation, in how you feel, how you think and ultimately how you are able to express your own unique spirit. And by supporting, you receive the necessary tools to integrate these changes into your life.

There are many transformative outcomes of my therapy. At the core of this work is a mission to help you address root causes contributing to the lack of balance in your life. There are countless words for it: acute or chronic physical issues, abuse, feelings and thoughts of shame, guilt, unworthiness, anger, depression, fear, helplessness, separation, and so many more, each just as valid as another.

The results of this work take many shapes. Healthier relationships with yourself and others, career fulfillment, connections with passion and purpose; Transformative Energy Therapy works by aligning the willing with their path, and teaching trust in the vibration of life.

I use this site as a storehouse of my work and writing on the process of healing through energy therapy and I encourage you to browse deeply. When you are ready, write me and let us begin our journey together.