Energy Healing — Flower Essences Aid on All Levels

What Are Flower Essences?

Flower essences are herbal infusions or decoctions, made from the flowering part of the plant, that can uniquely address emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of wellness for people and animals.


They are prepared by placing the flower’s petals – the plant part believed to have the greatest amount of life force – into a glass bowl of water and setting in sunlight, which melds the flower’s energetic imprint into the water.

How Do They Work?

To understand how flower essences work requires recognition that the human being is more than a physical body. It also incorporates a “body” of life energy, a “body” of sensitivity and feelings, and a spiritual essence or Self.

Flower essences are energetic imprints of the life force of plants that interact with these subtle “bodies” of the human being, and evoke specific qualities within us.

We can say that they work in a similar way to inspirational music or art, which carry meaning through the vehicle of sound or light, while the flower essences work through the medium of water.

When To Use Flower Essences

You can use Flower Essences when you feel in any way emotionally, mentally, or spiritually out of balance, such as when you feel depressed, anxious, or self-critical.

You can also use them for physical illness to help address the underlying conflicts and tensions that may have contributed to the onset of the illness.


If you already work with other healing systems, Flower Essences will not interfere. In fact, they help you better integrate the benefits of other healing modalities, and make these modalities more efficient.  This is true for animals as well as people.

How Do The Essences Know Where To Go In My System?

The deepest sorrow and the greatest joy exist on the same electrical frequency band, with joy at one end and sorrow on the other.  All vibration is organized in this way.

Flower Essences vibrate rapidly at the very highest end of this frequency band, and our illusions, our negative emotions, vibrate more slowly at the low end of the band.


Once introduced, a flower essence goes to the band of shared resonance and offers its vibration as an alternate electrical model.  It is a tuning fork of sorts, calling us back to the higher vibration that it holds. Because this high vibration is the deepest truth about any situation, our electrical system wants to return to vibrating with this frequency.

Given sufficient exposure to this vibrational tuning fork, our electrical system will choose the higher frequency of this band and will begin to hold the same high vibration offered by the Flower Essence.

What Can You Expect?

In the long run, working with flower essences will help you to feel more alive and in touch with your goals, values, and creativity. They work by stimulating awareness of our conflicts and challenges, and they strengthen our ability to work through the obstacles to our health and growth.

What If You Are On Medications?

Flower essences can be very helpful for people who are taking prescribed medication for both physical and emotional ailments. To the extent that the medication dulls consciousness, the essences may take longer to take effect, or for their effects to be noticed.


Flower Essences were used by ancient cultures, and today, the most well-known name associated with flower essences is Dr.Edward Bach (1886 – 1936).


Bach originally came up with what are now known as The Twelve Healers - Impatients, Mimulus, Clematis, Agrimony, Chicory, Vervain, Centaury, Cerato, Gentain, Scleranthus, Water Violet and Rock Rose. What followed were 26 other flower essences along with probably the best known of the Bach’s, Rescue Remedy. (You can find Bach remedies in Health Food Stores, as well as on-line.)


Another name well known for essences is Flower Essence Services or FES. They have a collection of some 103 essences.  (FES remedies are mostly found in Metaphysical Bookstores and on-line through various retailers, like Lucky Vitamin.)

These are among the essences I will “check in”on for clients as well as Tennessee’s Floralive essences, and New Hampshire’s Green Hope Farm collections.

Green Hope Farm has some 14 different flower collections, including Animal Wellness and Healer’s Toolboxcollections.

Floralive is unique among essence producers in that they use “un-cut” flowers for their 55 plus flower products.

The Difference Between Flower Essences & Essential Oils

An essence is not an essential oil and an essential oil is not an essence, although both are extracted from trees and plants.

Put simply, Flower Essences concentrate on the vibrational energy of the plant, rather than the physical properties of an actual oil extract, as in the case of Essential Oils.

  • The plants and flowers used in essence therapy are often different to those used in the practice of essential oils.
  • Essences do not have a fragrance or flavor, unlike an essential oil.
  • Essences are usually in a water and alcohol form; true essential oils are not diluted in this way.
  • And last but not least, Flower Essences are administered by placing several drops under the tongue or in water, while Essential Oils are typically placed topically on wrists, temples, or bottoms of feet.