Energy Healing — Protection from Electromagnetic Frequencies

There is a proliferation of electromagnetic waves generated all around us these days from cell phones, wireless phones, computers, wifi, televisions, fluorescent lighting, microwaves, electric toothbrushes, cell phone towers, power lines and lots more.

Just think about your daily life and all the electronics you come in contact with.  If you really took notice, you’d be amazed.

As compared to the frequencies of nature, these man-made frequencies are bombarding our energy fields at an alarming rate, and weakening our energy systems.

Take for example the cell phone.  How many of you experience a warming of your head when using a cell phone?  How many of you feel a weird energy from your laptop through your fingers or arms? After spending a day at the office in front of a computer screen under fluorescent lighting, how many of you feel ‘wiped out.’

Our physical bodies are made up of natural elements of this planet.  Our physical bodies are designed in harmony with the earth, just as are the plant, mineral and animal kingdoms.

In the near future, I predict we will be seeing/learning of an alarming rate of illnesses that are being created by these ever growing disruptive electromagnetic frequencies unless we figure out ways to protect ourselves.

Fortunately, there are proven products that can offer protection for you and your environment. One technology I highly recommend is from Life Alignment’s Vortex Card selection.

Specific to the cell phone is the cell phone card.  I have one on the battery back of my cell phone, as well as on the keyboard console of my laptop.


The Cell/Mobile Phone card polarises and transforms the harmful microwave radiation emitted by the phone to frequencies that harmonise with the human energy field. Tests have shown that the body’s aura is significantly enhanced when using the card on the phone. This card may also be used for devices whose signals are transmitted through the air such as pagers, beepers, television, radio, internet and cordless telephones.

Other cards that would be very helpful within one’s environment include the Rainbow card and for one’s own personal use, the Square card.


The Rainbow Card is designed to balance and harmonize the atmosphere of an entire house, office or small building. It emits a frequency that helps to transform the negative effects of electro-magnetic radiation, geopathic stress and toxic energies within the space. It converts or transmutes the toxic energies to light energy, creating an atmosphere that is healing and filled with vitality. It has a profound effect on the people occupying the space who have reported a sense of clarity, balance, peace and well-being. Many have reported experiencing relief from pain and other symptoms.


The Square card is used for protection from electromagnetic fields (EMF’s), geopathic stress and negative energies from people and places. It may be worn on the body or placed on electrical appliances. It also helps to magnify a person’s energy field.

If you are interested in any of these products, let me know.

Another product line I recently discovered is SafeConnectPlus. They have a wide variety of technology shields for your home, office, yourself and your pets.

If you prefer the more “natural” route, there are also many types of gemstones that can eradicate and/or neutralize one’s environment, you and your pet of these disruptive energies if placed around the home or workplace or worn in bracelets, necklaces, collars, or just kept in one’s pocket.

Among these are: shungite, aventurine, amethyst, diamond, jasper, lepidolite, amazonite, bloodstone, clear quartz, malachite, smokey quartz, and sodalite.